Everything you need for turning

You can find our comprehensive production range here

When we say "everything", we mean just that…

…particularly when it comes to precision tools: e.g.

  • Dead length collets - 100 Series or F-type,
  • Draw-in collets - 300 Series or W-type,
  • Hydromat collets - HW-type,
  • Multi-spindle collets - all types,
  • Tool-holding collets - all ER series,
  • Clamping sleeves,
  • Clamping chucks (and other clamping technology and clamping elements),
  • Guide bushings,
  • Cutting, turning and knurling tools,
  • BIMU insert systems,
  • Grinding wheels – whatever you need for turning, we have it in stock.

This also applies to machines and machine accessories such as drill grinding machines, pointing machines, grinding and lapping machines.

Over 34,000 products permanently in stock!

If it is not a perfect fit, we will make it fit according to your designs and specifications. Our in-house grinding and EDM service makes this possible – always working with the utmost precision and according to strict quality standards (DIN EN ISO 9001:2008).

And if you still don't find what you're looking for in our practically unlimited stock - because none of the commercially available products meets your needs - then we can produce a custom design exclusively for you.

f.britsch – absolutely everything you need for turning!