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Notification conversion of our telephone system

Pforzheim, 18.07.2019 - Conversion of telephone system on 20th of August 2019

Dear Customers, Suppliers and Business Partners,

We intend to comprehensively modernise our in-house telephone system into a contem
porary and modern installation. This measure requires a complete decommissioning of
the Plant, expected over several hours. The measure is planned for

20th August 2019.

Disturbances will appear the usual telephone communication with our company will
temporarily not be possible on this day on our landline.
In order to be able to handle the business process without disruptions, we have set up
the following mobile phone numbers during the specified suspension period.
By supplementing further internal measures, it will ensure the greatest possible
normality of communication with our Company:

Sales department:
0162 4798473 S. Kälber
0162 4798463 M. Till
0162 4798468 C. Hermann
0162 4798465 V. Oppitz

01523 4711320 W. Theuerkauf
01523 4711340 N. Braun

Purchase department:
01520 3221308 T. Kiefer
01520 3221379 A. Reich
01520 3221533 C. Klotz

These numbers remain valid for the entire interruption period. Afterwards you can reach
us again under the usual landline phone numbers.
You will reach us by email without any restrictions as always during that changeover.
We kindly please you for your understanding and try to keep the whole process as short
as possible.

Yours sincerely

Friedrich Britsch GmbH & Co.KG

Stefan Kälber
Managing Director